And Off We Go

Though my dad always quips, ‘Hay is for horses,’ when I say it,  “Hey” is my usual greeting.  Relaxed, down to earth and brief.


My name is Lauren, professionally known as Lauren M. Scott. The ‘M’ stands for a marketer, manager, muser and mom with an unorthodox mindset, unique problem-solving skills and a witty attitude. (Actually, the ‘M’ stands for my mommy’s name but that is not as dramatic.)

I am a Marketing Executive with over 20 years experience working in big Consumer Products Goods corporations.   I have had remarkable experiences (going to the Super Bowl), low points (thanks for this promotion but why is my commute doubling) and learned something new every day.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts and observations with you and I hope you get solace knowing you are not alone or crazy.

image source: wikipedia

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