Wait A Minute (yeah, right) Mr. Postman


Had to go to the post office to pick up a package. My mother insisted as she knew that if it were up to me, I’d let it sit there and collect a thick layer of dust.

Despite the friendly greeter, the USPS didn’t fail to deliver that authentically archaic and arduous experience.

It’s not often you hear…

    “Oh Lord”…
    “I can’t fu{#!ng believe this”… and
    “Thanks a lot, you liar”…

…spewed by seemingly rational people in the span of three minutes.

And, of course no visit is less than 15.

USPS’s business model looks broken and strained in a digital age with better, more convenient and dare I say enjoyable alternatives.

A care package is nice but let’s face it, nothing says I love you like an Amazon eGiftcard.

PS. stamp prices go up next month. :/

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