Change In The Air

When I fly, I exercise the little control one can have on a plane.  I like certain airlines and living in New York, I have five airports.  I analyze  the cost against the flight times and want to grab MY seat – 9A.

Delta Airlines recently expanded their Basic Economy seats – as if Economy wasn’t basic enough.  Personally, it sounds scary. No seat assignment before check in, last one on the plane and no points.  To me, the 20-40 bucks saving is not worth winging it at the airport.

And why can’t the saintly flexible fliers who choose Basic Economy get mile rewards? Plus, they are probably doing the airline a favor in some way my conspiracy-theory mind can’t figure out.

Congrats. You sat in that non-reclining middle seat,  27B,  for six hours  to Seattle, but no reward points for you.  Please fly with us again.”

I know many people aren’t frequent travelers but there are folks who travel a lot who like to save a few bucks and deserve some perks. The fare just doesn’t seem fair.

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