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Most people spend more time at work than with their families so if you don’t enjoy your job, you may want to change careers.

2020 – Tomorrow is Here Today

As a person who hates paper and piles of mail, I love having everything at my fingertips on my electronic devices. (Truth is, it’s easier to find stuff.)

This article highlights how 50% of work will be done virtual by 2020.

Technological advances and sociological acceptance of ‘malleable working’ has led to productivity and a more holistic life which is a blend of personal and professional experiences.

2020 is only three years away but the reality is tomorrow is here today.



Move Over Bacon…


I am absolutely thrilled to have been named Chief Marketing Officer for the Produce Marketing Association, a global trade organization representing companies from every segment of the fresh fruit, vegetable and floral industries.

Growing up in New Jersey, I experienced why it truly is the Garden State. I ate plump red tomatoes straight from my dad’s small plot in the backyard and harvested fuzzy peaches from family farms in Monmouth County.

I am excited to be immersed into a new industry and lead the marketing agenda to drive category sales and consumption in a meaningful, fun and positive way.

And for those who know me, if you thought I was a veggie evangelist before, just you wait…

PS: I think bacon is really yummy

Sorry, I Was On Mute

It has been way too long since I have posted a longer form story so I am happy to be back on the grid. To give you a sense of the swirl,  I picked up my cell to call home last week and heard, “Welcome to the Diageo Conference Center.”

For those who spend most of their work day (and night) “solving world hunger” on the phone, here is an absolutely brilliant take on the conference call.


Yes We Can If We Get The Chance

The results are in from the extensive 2015 Women In The Workplace study by and the prestigious consulting firm McKinsey & Company.

Their headline : “Corporate America is not on a path to gender equality ”

My take is there isn’t institutional egregious, systematic and purposeful exclusion among corporations any more.  We now contend with individual blind spots, subtle biases and personal insecurities that are harder to identify and overcome.

But for those of us who love corporate life, I say keep on trucking, define success on your own terms and channel your talents toward places where they are appreciated.

Bye Bye, Miami

I don’t like it hot but I love Miami. A canvas of green, white, burnt orange and deep aqua blue. The city is filled with people beautiful on the inside and out too. What a great place for our innovation focus groups. Here’s to seeing where the ideas land in a few years. 


Photo : Huffington Post