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Deep Praise For Netflix’s Chef’s Table

If you love fine artistry and stories about the human condition, please watch Netflix’s Chef’s Table.

The exquisite creativity of haute cuisine billows the narrative of maverick chefs who challenged philosophies and social conventions. Each made unique and seemingly irrational sacrifices to realize their once surreal ideas and the struggles and triumphs of each chef come forth poignantly.

No matter your profession, area of expertise or passion, this documentary series demonstrates how a vision driven by exuberance, courage and will can make dreams that no one else can see into reality.

Please watch and be inspired while you contemplate trying to secure a few impossible reservations.



Quick Thinking

I love a good brainstorm – a group generating new ideas, colorful scribbled Post It notes littering the walls and the sobering realization that the ketchup dispensed from a mini hang glider idea I thought brilliant a few hours ago really just sucks.

Last week, I went to London for a new product brainstorm. The 12-person session had local Diageo folks, me from global, agency partners and a handful of very articulate and fun consumers. As is customary, the leader did an intro exercise. “Now everybody say your name, what you do and the fruit or vegetable you would be and why.” :/

The last question is usually obscure but this was a new one…


I was #2 to share so the pressure was on….


Zero thoughts came to mind…


I can’t say I am a cherry because I am sweet. My company spent good money to send me over, so show that brain power, woman. …idea!

“My name is Lauren and I am with Diageo. I would be a napa cabbage. (oos and ahhs). Yes, spelled n-a-p-a. Because I like being a little different and I have lots of  layers.”


photo source : Foxy