How A Pepsi Girl Got A Coke & A Smile

Coke vs Pepsi

Coca-Cola ran a brilliant equity-building campaign and that’s really hard for a Pepsi person to say.

In the spirit of their long-standing campaigns of sharing Cokes – think back to Mean Joe Green and The Kid from 1979 – Coke flooded store shelves last summer with bottles saying ‘Share a Coke with____’ . Various pre-printed names graced the labels in bold white letters –  Steven, Mike, John, Family, Mom, Emily, et al.

Coke made their “happiness” positioning real.

In the US where soda sales have declined, the campaign increased Coke’s talk value, strengthened its brand equity and importantly, drove commercial volume with incremental store inventory.

Now here’s my confession…..

Despite bleeding Pepsi blue, I love monogrammed stuff and I combed the stores hunting for a bottle with my name on it. I looked and looked and looked….. and shared a few photos of Cokes with friends along the way.  I even saw my name on a billboard in Philly so I figured they made at least one.

Then I gave up.

After work one day in August, I had a taste for peanuts. I walked into the house to drop off my bag and asked if anyone wanted anything from the store. In true form, Allen asked for a soda. I walked to CVS, grabbed my snack and then went around the corner to the soda aisle. I scanned the shelf for the Diet Mountain Dew Allen wanted and since it had sold out, I looked up to grab a Diet Pepsi.

To my left, in the corner of my eye, I saw the deep sea of red Coke bottles and thought, ‘well, I wonder if it’s here.’ And to my utter surprise and sheer delight, there it was…


And Off We Go

Though my dad always quips, ‘Hay is for horses,’ when I say it,  “Hey” is my usual greeting.  Relaxed, down to earth and brief.


My name is Lauren, professionally known as Lauren M. Scott. The ‘M’ stands for a marketer, manager, muser and mom with an unorthodox mindset, unique problem-solving skills and a witty attitude. (Actually, the ‘M’ stands for my mommy’s name but that is not as dramatic.)

I am a Marketing Executive with over 20 years experience working in big Consumer Products Goods corporations.   I have had remarkable experiences (going to the Super Bowl), low points (thanks for this promotion but why is my commute doubling) and learned something new every day.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts and observations with you and I hope you get solace knowing you are not alone or crazy.

image source: wikipedia

The 'M' stands for marketer, manager, muser and mom with an unorthodox mindset, unique problem-solving skills and a witty attitude.